How to Make Your Morning Beauty Routine Faster

morning routine


No one gets enough sleep, and if someone says they do, they’re probably lying to you. If you ever actually do manage to get enough sleep, you’ve probably ended up being late on more than one occasion due to your morning beauty routine taking way too long. If you’re struggling to stay on time in the morning, like most of us, try some of these tips to make your morning beauty routine go smoothly and more quickly.


  • It sounds a little obvious, but try to go to bed a little earlier than you are now. This will help to give you a fresher face in the morning and reduce the dark, puffy circles under your eyes when you’re exhausted. If your skin looks more refreshed, what you have to do in your beauty routine to cover your lack of sleep up is lessened by a ton. So put down your phone when you get in bed, no more endless scrolling down your newsfeed.


  • Lay out what you want to wear the next day before you go to bed. This will save you the time of struggling to plan your outfit before you head out the door. You can also lay out your beauty products the night before so you don’t have to go searching or knock everything into your sink while searching for your concealer.


  • Plan to spend extra 5 minutes for stimulative face massage – in the morning, the easiest way would be to use Portable High Frequency device: just a few strokes with the wand that delivers a low static electricity to your face and your skin will glow, the morning puffiness will disappear, providing flawless, fresh look.


  • Have you ever heard of multipurpose cosmetics? You can take a pink shimmery lip gloss and repurpose it as a light blush for your cheeks. Blush and a shimmery lip helps you to look refreshed and awake. (Add a light colored eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye to look more awake as well. You’re welcome.)


  • Did you know that it is actually harmful if you wash your hair every day? Skip your daily routine and give dry shampoo a chance to save you time and save you from damaging your hair. Dry shampoo will keep your hair looking clean and washed though so you won’t have that greasy look.


  • If you can, bring your simple or basic cosmetics to work or school with you and apply them when you get there. However, I don’t recommend trying to wing your eyeliner while driving; it won’t work unless you have ultimate skill.


See, you can actually get the sleep you need without sacrificing your morning routine. Change what you do a little bit to save an extra couple of minutes and you’ll be set!

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