Moisturizers – the True Story

skin hydration


Moisturizers are popular and well known cosmetic components that “moisturize” your skin. Some claim that they moisturize the skin within, the others claim deep hydration, but it is not completely clear how exactly these products work.


What is the skin hydration? For example, when we splash the water on our faces, we introduce moisture to the face. However, this moisture evaporates in a matter of minutes and does not get retained by our skin.


The true hydration of the skin truly comes “within”. Our skin is a complicated structure made out of different types of cells – tiny living structures that consist, as the rest of our body, 50-65% of water. Cells “travel” from lower to upper level of the skin, loosing moisture on a way. During this journey they dry out and eventually shed off. It is normal process essential to the health of the skin.

The lack of hydration starts when our body is not able to support healthy moisture level (when we do not drink enough water), harsh environments when the water evaporates from the surface of the skin faster than being replenished (when being in the premises or surrounds with low humidity), inability of the skin to retain moisture (when the oil glands that create protective oil mantle are not efficient – thus dry skin).


One of the best ways to increase the hydration of our skin – and the simplest one, – is to drink enough water as recommended by health professionals. It will supply necessary hydration not only to the skin buy to the whole body.

You can hydrate the top level of the skin temporarily by applying facial steamer (a must have for every woman), being in steam sauna….or even working in your garden in a muggy day (not to that extent, but still!). It was noticed that women who live in humid climate look younger than those at the same age living in a desert-like environment.


So, what about skin care products that claim to instantly moisturize your skin and make it well hydrated? Well, I hate to disappoint you – but they do not HYDRATE. This is probably the greatest misunderstanding about moisturizers ever. But do not feel disappointed. The moisturizers are still an essential part of our skin care routine and, with a proper use, they will help to keep your skin fresh looking and well hydrated.


So what do moisturizers do? They RETAIN the moisture, working like a garden landscape cloth, preventing our skin from drying out. In the next article we will look closer at the most popular moisturizers and find out how they work.

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