Skin Care Calendar – August and September

august skin care calendar


With the summer heat finally starting to dip again, many people find themselves making their way outdoors. Whether it be enjoying a nice evening walk or meeting up with some friends, outside is the place to be again. Catching some sun is essential to keeping up the body’s supply of Vitamin D levels for a health system, but at the same time there is nothing more dehydrating to your skin as well. Dry skin can amplify the effects and spread of wrinkles on the face. Another effect can be brittle skin that peels and itches and leaves skin uncomfortably itchy without lathering on layers of lotion.
Without proper protection, direct sunlight and UV rays work to dehydrate exposed skin. The face is especially susceptible to dehydration with hydration levels dropping as low as 30%.


Well hydrated skin is key to fighting the looks of aging and wrinkles as well as preventing harmful photo damage. A quick test someone can do is to pinch the skin under their eye and watch to see how quickly the fold of skin goes away. If the fold does not go away immediately, it is an indicator of low hydration levels in the skin. For more accurate information, test your skin with skin moisture analyzer, which will show exact percentage of the hydration.


More and more research indicates that healthy skin is the key to preventing the damage from aging. Another issue that people face as well are toxins that clog pores and can create an oily mess on the face. Lack of a detox can cause acne to break out and can develop scars on the face.


Many professional spas offer expensive facial care packages that help with hydrating skin as well, but these treatments are temporary unless they are repeatedly applied. Nothing beats a good spa day, but with the everyday hustle and bustle of daily life, this is also not a practical solution for many people.


Make sure you gently exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. Check out our Ultrasound Skin Scrubber will help you to unblock your pores. For extreme hydration it works the best if paired with Facial Sauna.


There are many things that people can do to help treat and prevent dry skin as well as help keep the skin clear of acne.


For August through September:

  • try to lose a few pounds of weight and to drink more water. Sweating through exercise can help open some pores to let sweat out and working out makes it easier to drink a lot of water;
  • use a good hydrating serum that has hyaluronic acid to keep the face moisturized as well;
  • incorporate hydration treatments into your skin care routine. Home facial Saunas such as the Nanocare ION Facial Sauna from New Spa will help with penetrating to the deeper layers of skin to get the hard to reach toxins out;
  • get your skin some help in detox. Look for galvanizing or ultrasound facial massagers as well that will help to stimulate lymphatic drainage and detox tissues;
  • make sure that your lotions have an SPF of 15 or more to help block harmful UV rays.

By losing some weight, drinking plenty of water, and using facial hydrating products, you can help detox your face and keep it clear of blemishes to maintain a face that is perfect for any time of the year.


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