UV Protection: Better Safe than Sorry!

UV protection

Skin is one of the most sensitive and essential parts of the human body. However, it is also the most exposed, be it to harsh sunlight or even damaging Ultraviolet rays. Moreover, it is often neglected despite its importance. But this needs to stop in order to avoid long lasting damaging impacts. Here is where UV Skin Protection comes into the picture.




UV rays are the harmful rays that we get tons of exposure to regularly. While these are dangerous enough to even cause cancer, they are also unavoidable because sitting behind closed doors every single day is not possible. This is why UV protection is required. Sunscreens with high SPF content are more beneficial than regular sunscreens and even work for longer periods of time. Protecting the skin from these natural rays is very essential to ensure that there are no long term impacts that could destroy the skin beyond repair. Other common methods are using hats, scarves and sunglasses.


Sunscreens are made up of two types of components, both organic and inorganic, in proportions which when mixed together, create properties that shield the skin from harmful rays. The organic portion works both as an absorption as well as a conversion agent that takes in the UV rays and then releases it in the form of heat. The inorganic part is reflective in nature. While a higher Sun Protection Factor determines more protection, the lower ones can be used by those who do not get exposed to sunlight as much.


The benefits of using UV Protection are as follows:

1) It protects the skin from potentially dangerous Ultraviolet rays.
2) It creates a barrier between skin and the elements it is exposed to, thereby keeping sensitive parts such as the face and the neck free from spots or discoloration.
3) It reduces wrinkling and other signs of wear and tear.
4) It prevents or minimizes the chances of getting skin cancer.

However, there are a few issues that can come with using skin protection as well and these have been explained below:

1) The higher the SPF content is, the more expensive the sunscreen will be.
2) It can be extremely dangerous for the eyes. Especially in case of children, great care needs to be taken.
3) Sweat and rain are two factors that can wipe off the sunscreen. This mean timely reapplication is required.




In a nutshell, UV protection is extremely essential for all types of people. Especially in summers where the blaring heat is unavoidable, it is best to use precautionary methods and hide the skin from ultraviolet rays. As the old adage goes, better safe than sorry!




Using a phototherapy device on a regular basis will protect your skin as the treatment provides a SPF-15 like effect!

The studies showed that the application of phototherapy red light prior to the skin exposure to UV light increases skin resistance to UV damage. The unique ability of the red and near infra red light is to generate strong cellular defense against toxic solar UV radiation.

So if you use phototherapy device on a regular basis you may consider your skin well protected as the Red light treatment provides SPF-15 like effect that lasts at least 24 hours.

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