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Top 4 Micro-current Devices for Home Use

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Micro-current is a non-surgical technology that is very popular with the current generation. It’s a technology used by a number of people to manage the ageing process, and stay beautiful. Micro-current non-surgical was earlier used for commercial purposes, however it is now available for home use. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best home micro-current non-surgical face lift devices. These home beauty gadgets come with the latest technological developments hence superior qualities and sleek design, with a user- friendly interface.

1. DEESS Micro-current Eye Massager

Deess Microcurrent Eye Massager

The Deess micro-current eye massager features small size ball probes, three intensity levels and a patch eye mask. The eye patch mask allows the user to perform a static massage. This means that you can use this device on your own without the need for manual operator. Using the Deess micro-current eye massager is easy. You just need to apply the mask, connect the mask to the device, choose the appropriate settings and you are good to go.


2. L-Style Skincare Experts Micro-current Face Massager

L-Style Microcurrent Face Massager

This micro-current face massager comes with rectangular probes that cover a larger facial area. This helps in shortening the time required for the massage to be completed. The device also comes with its own charging stand and features five intensity levels.


3. MB Skincare Expert’s Micro-current Face and Eye Massager

MB Microcurrent Face Massager

Unlike the l-style skincare experts micro-current face massager which has rectangular probes, this product features a large ball probes. It also has an interchangeable massage head and five intensity levels. The eye massager also comes with a red light probe and an eye massage probe.


4. Show Young Micro-current Face Massager

Showyoung Microcurrent Face Massager

This is one of the best Micro-current devices on the market today. The top-notch home use Micro-current device is designed to combine luxury with performance. The product features a lithium battery with a large capacity, four intensity levels and its own charging stand. Though you can interchange the massage heads, you are required to purchase them separately. The Show Young Micro-current face massager can be used for the around the eye massage probe, red light massage probe and blue light massage probe.

With the introduction of home micro-current non-surgical device technology, you don’t have to visit a beauty therapist every time you need a facial. You can get them right from the comfort of your home. This will not only save you money, but will also save you the time and stress of booking an appointment with your beauty therapist. All these devices are designed to ensure both luxury and performance.

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