FAQ Galvanic

galvanic facial device for a home use


Q. What is galvanic current? What it does to the skin?


A. Galvanic current is low electrical current that has a polarity (positive or negative), hence it has a tendency to attract opposite charged particles.

It is used in cosmetology to increase the penetration of creams and serums. Most creams and serums are on the acidic side that makes them positively charged in a natural way. When negative current is being applied to the face, covered with positively charged cosmetics, it “drags” them deep in the skin.

That is what happens when you operate the device in “Nutrient\Inductive””-” mode (depending on the manufacturer’s markings).

Some devices have an option to switch the current to a Negative.


Q. How does galvanic current clean?


A. In “Cleansing\Positive””+” mode the current is positively charged. To be able to initiate the cleansing process you would need to use some negatively charged solution. That might sound as complicated compound, but in fact is very easy to make – it is simply some salt or baking soda dissolved in a glass of water.

When the current goes through the skin with this solution applied, it creates specific chemical reaction – saponisation. It means that skin oils got dissolved and turn into soap-like substance easily removed from the skin. Not only superficial oils get dissolved, but also clogged pores and old sebum deposits between un exfoliated skin cells. The result is fresh, clean and free to breeze skin.


Q. Do I need the negatively and positively charged products to be used with galvanic?


A. Yes, the presence of negatively or positively charged products is a must. It is a necessary component to the chemical reaction which is the basis of galvanic treatment.


Q. Are those “galvanic” skin care products are specifically charged with ions and where I can get them?


A. There is no such process as “charging” skin care products with ions. The ions are present in each water based solution – it is its natural state. The polarity of ions depends on the solution acidity. You can often find a mark on cosmetic product showing pH number. All acidic solutions with pH from 6  and down have positively charged ions, all alkali products with pH higher than 7 are negatively charged.

So, basically, you can use any cosmetic product with your galvanic device.
If you have no information about your product acidity, you may safely conclude that all creams, serums and lotions are acidic (positively charged), all soaps and cleansers (unless pH is stated on the package) are alkaline (or negatively charged).


Q. Can acidic products damage my skin?


A. The acidity of cosmetic products (except glycolic and other peels) is very close to skin own “acid mantle” – average 4.7pH.  So, slight acidity is our skin natural state and can not cause any damage. On the contrary, it protects the skin from many harmful bacteria that cannot thrive in acidic environment.

With age, our acid mantle starts to become more and more neutral, closer to 7pH and more susceptible for bacteria. This is an additional benefit of galvanic treatment – to restore the natural acidity of the skin.

Q. How often can I use the device?


A. Our portable galvanic devices can be used on a daily basis. However, their use is limited to 15 minutes sessions.

We recommend to start with every day or every other day treatments and keep it up for 2 or 3 weeks. After that period, one supportive weekly treatment will be sufficient.
You may stop the treatments altogether for 3-6 months and repeat the intensive sessions after such breaks.


Q. How quick will I see the results?


A. You may see the improvement right away after the first treatment – the skin will have healthy pinkish look and will feel refreshed. This result is temporarily. To achieve a stable improvement you would need to have at least 8 consecutive treatments. As with almost each skin care treatment – results are cumulative.


Q. What exactly does galvanic treatment do to my skin?


A. Overall it has stimulating effect. But in each specific case it will depend on what product you would use. Galvanic will increase the specific effect of any product in many times – it may be anti-age, whitening, oxygenation or sensitive abilities of different serums. Each would bring its own benefits.


Q. Is Galvanic treatment safe?

A. Portable Galvanic devices are very low risk. However general contra-indications for electrotherapy treatments should be taken into consideration. Read more about contraindications.

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