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radio frequency skin care device


Q. What is radio frequency?

A. Radio-frequency waves are the waves in a range from 3kHz to 300GHz (which indicates a frequency per second).
At first RF frequency devices found their use in a medical field. The low frequency radio waves when got applied cause “ionic agitation”  –  the increasing of a  temperature in the tissues, which was necessary for some medical procedures.
It turned out that the collagen is most sensitive to RF energy and has a tendency to “shrink” when contacted by heat. The lifting effect of Radio Frequency treatment is based on this specific effect. “Shrank” collagen is detected by our body as “damaged” and get replaced with a new, fresh collagen. This is very simple explanation how RF Face lift works. In scientific terms it is called “thermal restructuring of the dermal collagen matrix”.

Q. Does radio frequency device radiate heat? Is there any danger to get burned?


A. Unlike other forms of electromagnetic frequencies that cause thermal “surface effect”, wherein the skin feels the heat application, radio frequency energy can penetrate the body and be absorbed in deep without any heat sensation, making it basically painless. There is some warm sensation present but no pain or discomfort.
Portable radio frequency devices operate on low range wave lengths which makes them suitable for a home use.

Q. I heard of mono polar, bi polar or tri polar Radio Frequency devices. Which one is for a home use?


A. Mono-polar devices are the oldest on a market. The most known treatment is Thermage and this one actually does heat up the skin to the extent when local anesthesia is applied. With this procedure only one treatment is required for desired effect. This procedure must be conducted under doctor’s supervision.
Bi-polar, tri-polar and multi-polar RF is relatively new development designed specifically for facials. With this devices the energy does not go through the body – it travels only between the probes and is relatively small and shallow. As a result it penetrated only 2-4mm.
Portable RF devices are multi polar ones.


Q. How soon can I expect to see a result?


A.Typically, a single multi polar RF  treatment would produce less noticeable results than a mono polar one. Hence  multi polar RF procedures are often done in series of several treatments (6 to 18) whose benefits are cumulative.
The improvement would become visible in about 3-4 weeks, when the new collagen will be formed.


Q. Will radio- frequency work for everyone?


A. As every treatment, radio frequency face lift may work better for one person and have almost no effect for another. In general it will work for everybody, but the result will depend on the consistency of its use and your skin original condition.

Q. Is it safe?

A. Multi polar Radio frequency is a safe procedure almost for everyone. However general contra-indications for electrotherapy treatments should be taken into consideration. Read more about contraindications.


Q. How often I should use the radio frequency device?


A. You can use the device every other day up to 8 weeks. After that, one weekly treatment should be enough.


Q. What is the best product to be used with radio frequency massager?


A. There are few products that could be used with radio frequency. It can be a conductive lotion (used alone or mixed with cosmetic concentrate for better result). You can also use water-based serum or aloe Vera gel. Always remember to perform an allergy test before you start to use your device with any cosmetics.

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