High Frequency Current in a Skin Care: History, Development and Application

high frequency darsonval home use facial device



High Frequency device or DArsonval (named after its inventor, French scientist – Jacques-Arsène d’Arsonval) had been on a market since early 1900s.

At those times it was called “Violet Ray Device” as the electrodes were mainly filled with Argon gas, which glows violet. It was advertised as “atomized electricity…sprayed into the body…penetrating every tissue and cells…carrying an invigorating and refreshing stimulation. Nothing else reaches in the same way the hidden cause, or removes the painful or annoying symptoms.” It was believed to treat successfully the wide range of health conditions from asthma to toothache.

High Frequency Home Use Devive

1920’s ad for “Blue Ray Device”


The ads, dated as back as 1920, also picture lady’s figure using High Frequency Device to archive “soothing effect… as a relief for exhaustion and nervousness they (High Frequency devices) have no equal”, as well as “for inducing a clear and healthy skin free from blemishes and sallowness” and “arrests the progress of any scalp disorder and refines the texture and quality of the hair itself.”Use of  a Violet Ray Device to prevent a hair loss


Now, when we know more about High Frequency application, some of the health related claims are not sustainable at all. For example, High Frequency or Darsonval cannot treat eye disease or paralysis.

However, more than a century experience of using High Frequency device proved that it is effective relaxation and stress reliever, helps to normalize oily skin, reduces acne and inflammation and, by stimulating the circulation, aids in wrinkle reduction and prevents hair loss.

hf history1
After a long battle and drastic measures that were taken against some quack advertisers, FDA finally recognized High Frequency Devices to be used in cosmetic skin care and dermatology. Most manufacturer’s of High Frequency devices in USA were banned and severely fined and only a few registered businesses are available nowadays who carry legally manufactured High Frequency devices for a cosmetic use. Amongst them is well known “Dermawand” TM and “NEW SPA” TM.


Being in use for more than 100 years (since 1891) High Frequency Machine changed from cumbersome massive apparatus to an elegant hand-held device and become one of most popular portable beauty tools.new spa high frequency device1

How portable High Frequency device (the one you can use at home) is a neat plastic hand piece that houses a small HF generator inside.  It comes with a set of different shape glass electrodes.

The electrode is a new spa electrode2hermetically sealed glass tube. The tube is filled with neon or argon gas. The gas density is 3-4 times less than air and it creates vacuum-like state inside the glass.

One end of the High Frequency electrode is a working surface – it may be shaped differently, making each electrode suitable to be used on specific area. This end is the one that touches ones skin. The other end is capped with a metal cylinder. It is being inserted into a hand piece.
The current then is delivered to the electrode and goes through the gas.



Argon and neon have an interesting quality – when their molecules got disrupted, they start to glow! You sure did see all those glowing neon signs. Las Vegas alone uses more argon and neon gases that all beauty tool’s industry!

new spa high frequency device2

Neon gas glows orange, argon – purple violet. Now, just by the look of a glowing tube you can tell what gas was used. The other colors are created by using other inert gases (Helium or Krypton) or coloring the tubes.
However the glowing phenomenon is not what we look for when it comes to a skin care.

The gas inside the tube, when ignited with the electrical impulse, gets electrically charged. When you touch the electrode you will receive a small electrical buzz of static electricity. Due to specifics of high frequency, this charge is low and the feeling is more like a tickling rather than electrical shock (if you going to test your device like one picrtured below, make sure it is on a lowest intensity and you do not wear any rings or other jewelry).

new spa electrode4

This static electricity is what benefits our skin. Come back for a next article where we discuss what exactly High Frequency does to our skin, making this device such a great skin care tool.



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