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New Spa Microneedle Rollers


If you are looking for a new way to have younger glowing skin then a micro needle roller may be just what you are looking for.  Tons of Hollywood stars are using micro needle roller treatment to help them achieve that young fresh faced look.  Reportedly even Jennifer Anniston uses micro needle roller therapy to give her that classic natural look that she is so well-known for.  Another actress that is said to use the micro needle roller is Angelina Jolie who was introduced to it by none other than her famous actor husband Brad Pitt.


So what exactly is micro needle roller therapy and what are some of its amazing results.  One of the main things that people absolutely love about this type of therapy is that there is none of that inconvenient downtime that you have when you do a more aggressive treatment.  For example if you have a laser treatment or a medium to deep chemical peel you may be down and out of sight for a while. The reason so many people are using micro needle roller therapy is because it stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair on its own.  This means you do not have to use any foreign substances or technology to get the look that you want.   Micro needle roller therapy is a natural process that has an excellent safety profile when it is used and administered by a trained medical aesthetic practitioner.


Micro needle roller therapy works by diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, aged and sun damaged skin, stretch marks, and scarring.  This is done by encouraging or catalyzing the skin to start repairing and regenerating itself.  The small needles that puncture the skin as they are rolled over.  This action helps your skin produce more collagen and elastin.  Your body is tricked into thinking it has been wounded when your skin is punctured by the needles and this is what makes it increase the amount of collagen and elastin in that area.


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As micro needle roller therapy has a notable safety profile it is suitable for use on darker skins and for use during the summer months.  This is unlike some other treatments that are more risky to preform because of increased UV sensitivity that they can cause.  If you are looking for the newest way to stay looking fresh faced and have younger glowing skin then this may be just what you are looking for.  The treatment is also fantastic for the repair of acne scars, for the regeneration of the face, neck, and the back of the hands.  It can also be used for the treatment of stretch marks on the thigh area and stomach.


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