Skin scrubbers and more. Part 1



Do you know how important the exfoliation is in your skin care routine? Of course you do! Simply cleaning the face, washing it with the soap and cleaning sponge is a way to exfoliate your skin. The dried cells are simply flake off and got washed away.


Our skin “sheds” all the time – the natural process of the cell’s turnover called “desquamation”. It simply means that the excessive buildup of the dead skin cells, piled up on our face (of course you can see in only under the microscope!) eventually falls off, especially when there is some mechanical disturbance present. If you rub your face – be sure some amount of the dry skin cells will be flying around! Your whole body gets rid of 30,000 to 40,000 flattened, dry skin cells daily! Basically what you see as your skin will be gone in about 30 days.

When we are young, this natural process is fast, as there are new layers of rapidly growing skin cells pushing from underneath, forcing the top layer to give the way. However, if the dried cells are unable to shed for some reason (oily skin, some skin disorders), they may turn into the toxic waste that eventually cases such problem as acne.


With age, the “desquamation” process slows down – there is no rush of new cells anymore and the surface of the skin becomes rough with accumulated matter.


It was noticed long ago that cleaning and rubbing the skin helps to return its radiant, glowing look – from ancient times everything was used to scrub the skin: from bronze scrapers to sand and sugar mixed with oils.


Some of these recipes are used even now as a home remedies or part of the modern cosmetic products.

One step up in simple exfoliation is a sonic cleansing spatula or an ultrasound skin scrubber.

ultrasonic skin scrubber

The advantage of this tool is that it precisely removes the dead skin cells with a thin stainless blade that vibrates on a high oscillation rate.

It is safe, as the edges of the blade are rounded up, so it does not have sharp particles that can scratch or tear up the skin.

ultrasonic skin scrubber spatula

What makes it to stand out from other cleansing and exfoliating products is the fact that it is also able to push out the waste matter from pores and disinfect them at the same time. This way the chances to develop the irritation are minimal.


Not only that, there is a unique ability of the rapid vibrations to stimulate the new cell’s growth – it is like the massage of the skin cells on a micro level, not possible with any other exfoliation techniques.

Ultrasound exfoliation with skin spatula can be used daily, as you will be able to control the depth of it simply pushing the blade lighter or apply more pressure where it is needed.

It takes from 3 to 8 minutes to clean the whole face – obvious advantage when there is not much time for longer treatment. There is no mess and the skin remains squeaky clean, pores open and ready to absorb your favorite skin care product ten times deeper than normal.


This is one of the additional benefits of ultrasound – right after its application it “opens” intercellular passages into the skin allowing active ingredients of skin care products to penetrate much deeper.

Interested to know more about this device? More information is coming soon!

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