FAQ Ultrasound

ultrasound ultrasonic home use skin care device
Q. What is ultrasound massage?


A. The ultrasound massage is a micro-massage that uses the vibrations in ultra-sonic range – so fast that our senses cannot feel it. The frequency is above the audible sound – everything over 20KHz.

How can the sound massage? It is very simple. The sound is a wave which has its own power. You had definitely heard about sound blast waves that accompany powerful explosions. They are so strong that can actually damage our ear drums. The waves of ultrasound are similar, but they are gentle and have beneficial properties. We cannot hear them (sometimes when using devices we can hear them as faint mosquito buzz) but they affect material objects. In this case – our skin.

When the ultrasound waves hit the skin, they penetrate inside and cause skin cells to vibrate in unison of the frequency. This is called micro-massage or cellular massage.
Besides that, the concentration of energy heats up tissues and the increase of temperature (correctly applied) provides a stimulating effect.


Q. How does ultrasound massage helps with skin conditions?


A. They say that ultrasound can reduce wrinkles, help skin care products to work better – but how does it work?
Firstly, the ultrasound wave travels into the skin to the location of collagen producing cells – fibroblasts. The micro vibrations irritate those cells, forcing them to produce more collagen. It is especially beneficial for aged skin, which natural processed start to slow down.

Second effect is a “thermal” effect – when the temperature in the massaged tissues increases, the blood flow got accelerated, as well as so called “metabolic rate” of the skin. “Metabolic rate” is the speed with which the system washes off the debris and supplies the oxygen and nourishing elements to the tissues. That speeds up the restoration process.

The third unique feature of the ultrasound massage is its ability to create micro-channels in the skin structure that allow skin care products to penetrate deeper.


Q. What products should be used with ultrasound?


A. It is important to use proper products during ultrasound massage. Ultrasound waves require a conductive medium that would help them to penetrate into the skin and do their work. If you massage your skin without such medium the effect would be null as all waves will get reflected from the surface.

The best product to use with ultrasound device is Cosmetic Conductive Lotion. You may mix your favorite serum with this lotion for better effect. Cosmetic Conductive Lotion is water soluble (does not contain any oils) and has to be washed off after the massage.

Any serum, mask or cream applied right afterwards will be absorbed much better. Studies show that permeability of the skin increases in 5 times after in next 5-10 minutes after ultrasound massage.
The other good product to use is Aloe Vera gel. The gel is water based and does not require to be washed off the skin. You may also use your favorite cream or lotion, provided it is not heavily packed with oils. Light, non-oily lotions and creams can provide a good conductivity.

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