Skin Care Calendar April-May

April beauty calendar

April is the right time to start with sunblocks. If you are not using them on a constant basis this is where to begin.
In the higher latitudes and city environment use SPF 7-8. However, if you are prone to hyper-pigmentation, increase the level to 10. For those in lower latitudes 10 or 15 SPF will provide better protection.
We tend to underestimate pleasant spring sun. It feels gentle but it still delivers harmful ultraviolet rays that cause photo damage to our skin.


Also this is the time to show off your new cute pedicure. Now, when we switch to sandals and flip-flops, we want our toes (and heels) to look the best. To remove dead harden skin from your heels and feet you may use our Exfoliating Foot Wrap or similar product.


Spring is the time when we need to start preparing our body for a summer season. Double your efforts in gym and try a new healthy diet. To increase the effect, incorporate body treatments. Cosmetic procedures as infrared wraps and vacuum massage will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and make your skin tight and smooth. You can also start your yearly course of massage procedures either by visiting the massage salon or using portable massage devices at the comfort of your own home.


Everyday tip : Mix a table-spoon of virgin olive oil with a drop of your favorite essential oil – neroli, rose, patchouli or jasmine – and rub this mix into your skin after the shower. The olive oil is believed to prevent skin cancer and rejuvenate the skin, while essential oils will stimulate your skin and lift your spirit. Your skin would be grateful for this rich, natural lipid cocktail and you will be rewarded with its glow and smoothness. Do not forget to perform the allergy test first!


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