Skin Care Calendar Feb-Mar

February beauty calendar

Time to peel


At this time of the year the sun is gentle and it gives us an excellent opportunity to start yearly peeling sessions. Light AHA (glycolic, lactic acid) peels would be perfect for home use as well as mechanical dermabrasion procedures.


These treatments will smooth the skin and give it fresh, youthful glow. It will help to diminish the appearance of enlarged pores and  erase imperfections.


The peels should be conducted  in sessions : 3-6 times in 2 months period. Early spring time is the best season to start and prepare your  skin for summer.

personal diamond dermabrasion

If you prefer salon’s procedures, check into professional crystal microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing or deep chemical peels. Keep in mind that aggressive microdermabrasion will require at least few days for the skin to recuperate. Plan your visit to a salon followed by few days at home. It is an excellent opportunity to relax and pamper yourself.


Make sure you do not have active acne, cuts, abrasions or skin’s inflammation. When planning a peel  wait until your skin will heal up.

After the peel it is important to make sure you use safe skin care products. The best one are those that come in sealed individual containers like our Collagen Masks or Ampuled Serums.

serums in ampules

You can also use serums and creams that comes in airless and/or pump up bottles. Cosmetic product should not come in contact with your fingers as there is a chance of transferring bacteria from your hands to your face.


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