Skin Care Calendar June-July

Beauty calendar June

Nothing dehydrates and ages your skin as much as the abundance of sunshine in these summer months. During the hot summer the moisture level in our skin drops dramatically and by September it may drop as low as 30-35%. The ideal hydration level is approximately 50-60%. To find the hydration level of your skin simply pinch the skin beneath the eye and observe how fast the little fold goes away. If the fold remains longer than 1 second it indicates that the hydration level of your skin is too low. You can also use a skin moisture analyzer to measure the hydration.


Starting at the beginning of the dry, hot season, our main anti-age goal is to fight de-hydration and photo-damage. How to restore your skin hydration?


To hydrate your skin and increase its moisture level you may opt for professional salon treatments. These are very effective and will help to improve aged, tired and de-hydrated skin. Combining them with home skin care will help your skin to stay smooth and youthful looking.


Academie scientifiaue de Beaute (Paris) developed powerful Hydrating salon treatment – Optimum Hydration. It is recommended as a course once a week for 4 weeks. It will quickly restore your skin hydration. With use of powerful moisturizers and best skin care techniques these will help the skin to retain moisture in its epidermis and provide long lasting anti-aging effects. (Available in salons only).


For home hydration treatments use serum containing hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing ingredients. Read our article about moisturizers which will help you decide the ones that would work best for you.


To help these product penetrate deeper, use galvanic or ultrasound cosmetic massagers. These small devices will ensure that the active ingredients are delivered deep into your skin.

Do not forget about weekly exfoliation. During the summer months you do not need to undergo serious microdermabrasion treatments – simply brush with enzyme exfoliation cream will do the job.


And of course do not forget to change all your day creams and foundations to ones with SPF no lower than 15.

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