Décolleté – Are You Skipping a Vital Part of Your Daily Beauty Routine?


We have all heard at some point in time how important skin care is, and most of us take special care to ensure that our faces, necks, and hands are well taken care of. However, oftentimes we neglect the area of skin between the top of our shirts and the bottom of our necks. This area of skin, the décolleté area, is just as sensitive as our face and is often forgotten and left unprotected against the sun and other outside elements. The décolleté area is intended to draw special attention as we often feature it with jewelry and embellished necklines. Without proper care, this area can become dry and sun-damaged, so it is important to keep this in mind when applying our daily skin care routines not to stop at the base of our necks, but to make sure all exposed areas of the skin are protected.


decollete area skin care


If you’ve inadvertently neglected this delicate area, you may notice your skin tone in this area is darker than your face or other parts of the skin. Perhaps there are small lines and crease marks here or a few sun spots. If you’ve noticed these things, fear not! There are four simple steps you can take to give this area the proper care and pampering it deserves:


1. Apply sunscreen daily. Just as it is important to wear sunscreen on your face, make sure to extend your application all the way down to the neckline of your shirt. Most facial creams and lotions have sunscreen added to them, so it is a simple task just to apply to all visible skin instead of just stopping at your neck. Even on a cloudy day, the UV radiation from the sun can still reach your skin if you’re not protected.


2. Exfoliate once a week, just as you do with your face. The most effective method is to use a waterproof exfoliating brush, which can be used in the shower as a natural part of your normal shower routine. The Green Bamboo Waterproof High Speed Brush comes with a jar of Enzyme Exfoliation Cream. The brush helps to remove dead skin cells in combination with the cream, which provides additional moisture and nutrients to your skin. Depending on your skin conditions, you may want to start with an extensive skin care program (3 times per week) until you start to see the results you want before switching to a once per week routine.


3. Apply nourishing serum after exfoliation. After the exfoliation process removes dead skin cells, you need to take care of the fresh, new skin you’ve just uncovered. Apply a Collagen Hydrating NeckDecollete Mask or Collagen Hydrating NeckDecollete Mask with Bio-Gold. Since it does not need to be washed off, it does not add any extra time to your normal routine. This step should be performed before you apply your daily sunscreen.


4. Once every week or two, incorporate an electrotherapy treatment into your skin care. What you may not realize is that even after you’ve been out of the sun, it can still damage your skin. The sun emits photons, which are absorbed into your DNA through the skin and continue do damage even after you’ve gone inside. Photon-therapy not only rejuvenates the skin, but also protects it from photon damage. Studies show that irradiation with therapeutic light works like a natural sunscreen. It is up to you whether your choose a photon light device with ultrasound function or a photon light device with microcurrent function, but whichever you choose, this is an effective way to treat and prevent photon damage to your skin.


Don’t leave this essential part of your skin out of your beauty routine any longer. Whether you can already see visible damage from the sun or not, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to reverse and prevent further damage.

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