Skin Care Calendar Dec-Jan

December beauty calendar


Every woman knows that is takes a lot to look good. There are some general rules how to create your beauty plan for every month of coming year and benefit the most from each season.

Your beauty plan is big but your are not sure where to start? Why not to plan skin care regiment a year ahead? Choose the correct procedures and coordinate them with upcoming season.


December – January
Christmas holiday is a wonderful time not only to spend time with your family, but also is a good starting point to take care of yourself.

Many of us prefer to spend holiday time at the dining table and partying with friends. By the end of this season we often feel tired which does not complement our appearance.

Try to incorporate a good detox program that will feature not only a healthy diet but facial treatments as well.

Portable facial steamer will become a good addition to your skin care routine – gentle steam hydrates, detoxifies your skin and helps to prepare it to the following massage or mask application.

It is recommended to use it twice a week.


To help the circulation and to remove excessive water from the tissues along with toxins we recommend to undertake a course of Far-Infrared Body Wraps. The result will show immediately – after very first procedure you will feel refreshed and would notice that you lost a few ounces or got few inches slimmer. Although this first weight loss achievement would be temporary –  after 2-3 days you probably will gain the weight back. For permanent results you would need to have 7-10 consecutive treatments. We recommend to have Far Infrared Wraps once a week.

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