Stretch Marks – Causes and Solutions

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Stretch marks is one the most disturbing skin conditions, however harmless, still causing a lot of problems, especially in a summer season.  The look of milky white or pink stretchmarks in a mirror when trying on a new bathing suit can put us in a bad mood for a long time.
We can be fit and skinny and still have those marks, no matter what. Is there something that can help to get rid of them, or at least make them less visible?
Lets try to figure out what exactly causes stretchmarks, and what would be most effective in combating them.

First of all it is important to understand that a stretch mark is located underneath your skin. Even if it looks like a depression from the top, it is basically a tear in the underplaying tissue, similar to a scar.

That is why most topical remedies as anti stretch marks creams and ointments are not so effective. Our skin is a pretty strong protective barrier for most substances, including many cosmetic ingredients.




There are many professional treatments available that can reach dermal level:

– laser treatments;

– professional dermabrasion;

– prescription retinoids;

– thermage (radio-frequency).

Those are quite expensive procedures that should be performed under doctor’s supervision.




What home friendly procedure would really work to help to get rid of stretch marks? It should be something effective, safe and simple so you can do it yourself.

Derma Roller  or Microneedle Roller

The proven and most effective method is dermarolling. Derma roller is used to treat scar tissue and it proved to be effective helping to diminish the appearance of scars. It will definitely will help with stretch marks too, as they are simply a different kind of scarring.

Derma roller is also called micro needle roller and is available in different models and variations.

Pros of Microneedle Roller:

– affordable

– easy to use

Cons of Microneedle Roller:

– painful, especially for those who are sensitive

– risk of inflammation if you are not maintaining sterile environment

– leaves red marks on the skin that will take time to heal; if the treated area constantly rubs against clothing it may develop irritating.

Effectiveness: good to very good.

Home Radio Frequency

Home use radio frequency devices are relatively new on the market. New technologies allow to minimize the components and create this device which in a future may replace cumbersome professional machines. Hand held Radio Frequency is not as strong as a professional device but it is expected to deliver enough energy to work on a dermal level.

The working principles of Hand held Radio Frequency device are the same as of famous Thermage machine. It delivers rapid pulse that reaches collagen fiber and triggers the growth of new collagen cells.

Pros of Home Use Radio Frequency Device:

– easy to use;

– painless.

Cons of Home Use Radio Frequency Device:

– compact size of the probe does not allow to cover large area;

– it may take few weeks to see visible results;

– it may not be suitable for people who has contra-indications for the use of electrotherapy.

Effectiveness: average to good.

Topical Retionoids and Peptides – must have ingredients of Anti Stretch marks creams and lotions

Most advertised anti cellulite creams and lotions does not work, simply because their components are not able to reach the dermal level where the problem resides.

Our skin, in fact, is a powerful protective barrier that does not allow large molecules to penetrate inside our bodies. That is why most cosmetic ingredients claimed to be effective does not bring desired results as their molecules remain sitting on the skin surface and never reach the target.

Only smallest molecules are able to penetrate the skin. There are few products that are available on the market that contain such ingredients.

The first group contains topical retinoids that work similar to Radio Frequency principle. The retinoid molecule is able to reach the dermal level and stimulate new collagen production.

The second is a group of cosmetic products that contain Peptide molecules that are similar to the molecule of collagen, as it is built with amino-acids.

Pros of using topical creams and lotions:

– easy to use and does not require any equipment;

– easily incorporated into daily skin care routine.

Cons of using topical creams and lotions:

– low effectiveness due to the low level of active ingredients;

– require prolonged and regular use for months;

Effectiveness: from low to good.

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