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under the eye bags


The most hated and most age defining sign of aging is under-the-eye bags. They start at first as slight puffiness in the morning and go away in few hours, but as time goes by they become our permanent, unwanted guests and we would be happy to get rid of.
First, let’s determine what the under-the-eyes bags are. The term “Bags under the eyes” is commonly described as the puffiness and swollen area on the lower eye lid that has an appearance of a little bulging sack.


It is a great cosmetic concern sometimes, as the rest of the face may be free of wrinkles but the under the eyes bags are a definite give away of your real age.
They can be put into a few main categories:
1) Swelling of the under-the-eye tissue (click for example) due to the excessive liquid accumulation (normally goes away in few hours);
2) Protruding fat tissue (click for example)– irreversible sign of aging due to the weakness of the under the eye muscles;
3) Saggy, loose skin (click for example) without fullness in under the eye area – the aging of the skin and lack of collagen;
4) Dark circles (click for example)  – vascular condition due to weak blood capillaries.


We do not include into the list under-the-eye bags causes by thyroid disease, infection or allergy – this group requires medical treatment.




If you are prone to swollen under-the-eye area (when you do not get enough sleep or slept too long, drunk a lot of liquid before going to bed, eat salty food or have hormone changes) you may end up with swollen eyes and under-the-eyes bags.




This condition is easily remedied with the use of stimulating massage:

    • Manual massage,
    • High frequency massage using static electricity
    • Microcurrent lymph drainage massage using low amperage electrical current. Always apply under-the-eye or full eye hydrating mask after stimulative treatment to lock the moisture in the skin,
    • Cold applications (as to putting the pack of the collagen eye masks in a refrigerator and use them iced).




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In some cases the under the eye bags do not go away during the day. Very slow they grow larger – it begins with slight puffiness, but then turns into distinctive bugling and becomes permanent.


It looks like a sack under the eye even when the skin is not wrinkled and still elastic.


This is the sign of a weakening of the muscles that holds the eye orb. With age they become less elastic and stretch allowing the eye orb fat to protrude into the muscle. If urgent measures are not taken, this condition will get worse and would require surgical correction.




First of all, the muscles need to be stimulated. The only way to stimulate and strengthen the muscles is to exercise them.


Eye area exercises will help. They will require discipline and determination. The muscle you need to train is called Orbiculatis Oculi (click here for image) and it looks like a wide patch around the eye.


The specific of this muscle is that it is not attached to any bone and has different thickness. The part that you can touch along the orb bone is the thickest and is responsible for the around the eye area. It moves when you close your eyes tight. So the most effective and simple exercise is to wink one eye at a time, holding the crow’s feet area with your finger. Repeat 50 times for each eye. Exercise daily.


The other good exercise is an isometric exercise – perform daily for 10 minutes. Sit straight, then, not moving your head, look up and try to close your eye still looking up. You will feel the muscle doing the act.


In addition to the physical exercises, incorporate electrical stimulation. Microcurrent stimulation will make muscles work on a micro level – you will not feel the tiny contractions, but they are important in restoring muscles elasticity. Microcurrent also will restore the collagen fibers and increase the skin’s elasticity. Always apply an under-the-eye or full eye hydrating mask after stimulative treatment to lock the moisture in the skin.






This issue may accompany the first two or it can manifest itself alone – when the skin loses its elasticity and hydration. This condition is age connected and will affect all areas of the face that age the most.
Loose, wrinkled skin has nothing to do with the underlying muscles, but if you have a few issues combined at the same time it will worsen the look.


The root cause of the problem is the deterioration of the collagen in the skin. Elastic net, formed by collagen, gets damaged as we age and our body does not restore and replace damaged fibers on a regular basis as when we were young.
This causes the skin to stretch, loose its elasticity and hydration, and sag.




To restore collagen fibers and hydration in the skin use special cosmetics that contain collagen stimulating ingredients. Those are MSM, certain peptides to boost the skins own collagen, Hyaluronic acid and cosmetic collagen – to increase and lock the moisture into skin.


Mechanical stimulation of the collagen – this method is simple but not for the weak at heart. The skin is pierced with tiny surgical steel made needles, using a simple manual tool – Microneedle Roller. The needles do not cause much harm due to the tiny size but they trick the skin to produce more collagen in the “emergency mode”, as they make it to believe that there is a harm done to the skin and needs urgent repair. You may find out more about Microneedle Rolling HERE.


For the roller we strongly recommend to use special rollers designed for the around the eye area and do not use disk rollers that have thicker needles and may traumatize delicate skin.


And the last but not least is electrical stimulation of the skin. It can be a High Frequency (static electricity) that will stimulate the circulation and “wake up” the skin, as well as micro current on the lowest settings – it will make collagen cells reproduce in a faster mode.


Always apply under-the-eye or full eye hydrating mask after stimulative treatment to lock the moisture in the skin.




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Dark circles under the eyes can affect people of all ages – most of the time it is not an age related condition, but rather a vascular (problem with blood vessels). They can look as browning or yellowish hue under the eyes and can be accompanied with age related conditions described above.


Dark circles make you look tired and exhausted. And of course they can be the result of the permanent lack of sleep – but there is an easy fix in this case.


There are two approaches to help with dark circles and make them less visible.




Make the skin thicker so the darker blood vessels will not be that visible. Again, collagen stimulation will help if the skin is thinning as its ages. Constant hydration will make the flat top skin cells rounder and visibly hide darker color.


Stimulative High Frequency treatments will improve the circulation and will help to get rid of stagnant products in vascular and lymphatic tissues lightening the look. Always apply under-the-eye or full eye hydrating mask after stimulative treatment to lock the moisture in the skin.



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To combat the aging of the around-the-eye area is not an easy task and requires one to establish a daily routine and have determination.

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