Improved Photon RED Light Massager’s back in stock now!

Our Photon Red Light Massager proved to be an effective and easy to use beauty tool for many of our customers.

Now we have a new updated version of this device.

MC Red Light 5


We saved all functions that proved themselves effective in skin care and added some new features. The handle has an improved ergonomic design with the angled probe for easy application.

The massager has the same size treatment head that combines RED LED lights and 8 Microcurrent pin probes.

MC Red Light 1

We are using ceramic LED lights that are different from traditional LED’s many similar devices on the market have. Ceramic lights are more powerful and are able to deliver higher volume of the red light waves.

MC Red Light 2

There are still side conductive panels that need to be touched to activate the microcurrent. However the light feature does not require it.

The controls of the device are more user friendly. You can switch between Light+MC, Light or MC modes just pressing single button once.

MC Red Light

The microcurrent has maximum strength of 1.25miliAmpere, but we recommend to regulate the current to the extent you don’t feel anything (about 1/3 – 2/3 of the intensity wheel). It would indicate that the microcurrent is of a correct level. If you don’t feel anything even on the maximum settings – it is pretty normal. It is one of the specifics of the microcurrent.

MC Red Light6

The actual amperage delivered to your skin will depend on its resistance – Ohm. The higher the resistance, the lower will be the amperage. Dehydrated skin conduct less current, when well hydrated one will be much more sensitive.


Normally you can use any face cream or lotion during the massage, but for those that are too sensitive to the electrical charge we recommend to use cosmetic oils, like argan oil, shea butter, etc. – the oils have a tendency to diminish the current.

If you have dry skin, then any hydrating lotion, aloe vera gel or similar product will help to conduct the current better. Remember that your sensory perspective is very individual – some users don’t feel anything, when others cannot tolerate the current’s “bite”.

The additional feature of this device is a deep heat treatment: the temperature of the probes reaches 110F to deliver deep relaxing heat.MC Red Light 4

Thermal impact stimulates the circulation and impacts collagen tissue, which together with Red Light and Microcurrent provides stronger effect and faster results. Thermalift is activated together with the light feature so when using the device in this mode, make sure to move the probe over the skin constantly to avoid the excessive build up of the thermal energy (the same is recommended for microcurrent).


MC Red Light8

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