At Home Micro Dermabrasion

home use diamond microdermabrasion


Home micro dermabrasion gained its popularity as an affordable wrinkle reduction tool. A Salon quality at home dermabrasion treatment is now possible in the comfort of your own home, when done correctly.


It is definitely worthwhile to invest in a good quality home microdermabrasion kit and save a considerable amount of money on personal skin care treatment. Single salon microdermabrasion treatment costs vary anywhere from $50-$200. Consider this when the cost of a good home micro dermabrasion machine is approximately $200.00.


Keep in mind that this home use cosmetic device will normally last for many years and when you consider the required 8-10 treatment sessions twice or three times a year, well, you can do the math.


Is it easy to perform microdermabrasion at home? Yes, home microderm is an extremely simple to use device.

Diamond microdermabrasion utilizes fine diamond coated tips that gently abrade the top layer of skin. Our home micro-dermabrasion machine comes with a complete set of professional grade exfoliating tips; the same exact ones that are used by estheticians in salons.

Unlike crystal micro-dermabrasion that utilizes the flow of crystals, diamond coated tips do not require a more powerful vacuum suction in order to facilitate the flow of these crystals out of the treatment tips. These crystal units should never be used by any untrained personnel for safety reasons. Diamond micro-dermabrasion utilizes between 15 and 30 inches, depending on the machine, of vacuum which is extremely effective in removing exfoliated skin cells without damaging tissue and/or the capillary system. It is also crystal free, which means there is no chance of crystals getting into the eyes or being inhaling.

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