March – Microcurrent Red Light Device

red  light  facial device


Is there a beauty device that could combine simplicity and excellent performance? It is hard to find, but this little device has great feedback and we are sure it will not leave you disappointed.

This At-Home skin care tool has two excellent features that can help return skin its youthful glow and smoothness.


This device combines Micro Current and Photon Light features, both of which have an anti-aging effect on the skin.
8 Micro Current Probes deliver a unique pattern of rejuvenating electricity into each skin cell, boosting its vitality and triggering the restoration process.


Home Use Red Light Massager



The RED light feature, which can be used separately or together with Micro Current, will also stimulate the growth of new skin cells.
Powerful NEW ceramic LED lamps are able to deliver the bright RED light to the skin without the danger of overheating a small hand held device like this.
The Massager has 5 intensity settings, so it is easy to calibrate the strength of the current to your desired comfort level.

  • Features:
    8 Micro Current Probes;
    62 ceramic LED lights *Red;
    The light and current can be used separately or together;
    5 Intensity Levels;
    10 minutes timer;
    Works from regular power supply (110V US).

Red Light Microcurrent Massager

Will work for:
Those who have tired, aged skin that lacks elasticity;
For those with sagging and wrinkled skin;
For those who prefer to perform the treatment at home rather than going to a salon.


The main benefits:
Easy to use at home;
Portable but effective;
The treatment does not require much time.
There are certain contraindication for the use of current in skin care. Click here to read more.
Works only from an electric plug.


What our customers think about it:

“…I have been using light therapy for about two months the difference in my skin is unbelievable. The fine lines are gone ….” – Adina Floyd


“…today is the actual day that I finally looked in the mirror and thought wow! I’m actually getting some of that cheeky cuteness back that u had about me 10 years ago!…” – Girl On Fire


“…I can see the effects of this machine has on my face within a short period of time and it can only get better and better with time…” – I Cahill


Read more reviews from our Amazon customers here.


Currently we are developing a new improved design for this device that will make it even better.

We plan to have the new model in stock around May 19th. Contact us for more information if you are interested in this device and we will email you back as soon as it is available for purchase.




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