Why does the FDA not like the “Anti-Age” label for cosmetic products?


Everyone who works in the cosmetics industry knows that the US Food and Drug Administration, our great regulatory authority, does not recognize the term “Anti-Aging Creams” applied to any skin care product. It is absolutely banned from official vocabulary, and with good reason.

What does “Anti-Age” mean in skin care? By definition it should be some product that if used, causes anti-aging effects on our body, stopping the aging process or, even better, reversing it.

Anti Age Cream

Being a valuable brand, it is often misused for fraudulent statements that promise to combat aging and restore youth.


Scientifically speaking, however, anti-aging refers mainly to the strategy of early detection, treatment and prevention of the signs of age and age related skin conditions.


Although we are not able to reverse time, we can still maintain our skin in the pristine condition of younger years and not only feel, but also look younger.


In the modern world this task is essentially impossible without the use of at-home beauty devices. The technologies that are used in the medical field are now available in the beauty industry and increase in popularity with each year.


skin care device

The beauty device industry focuses on the cellular and molecular level rather than just on improving the appearance of skin and the concealing properties of skin care products.


For example, microcurrent waves do not affect the surface of the skin (epidermis), which is formed of dried skin cells, glued together by skin oils. Instead, the current affects the growing skin cell that lays underneath, deep in the skin, and stimulates their life functions. This is the reason that the effect of the microccurent treatment is not immediately visible.
While an “anti-aging” cream might provide an instant smoothing effect due to components which have a so-called ‘lifting effect’ by covering the skin in a smooth film to conceal blemishes, beauty devices work from deep within the skin.


If you decide that it is time to try something like this, keep in mind general electrotherapy contraindications (the conditions under which you cannot use the beauty devices).


In a way, home use skin care devices do have true anti-aging effects: there are treatments that are able to restore collagen fibers, accelerate the turnover of collagen molecules, and re-educate muscle tissue that has gotten weak and loosened with age.
Being on the fringe between cosmetics and medical devices, beauty tools really are capable of producing an anti-aging effect.


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